I am the mother of a beautiful and bright baby girl. Not so much a baby anymore and to be specific a 3rd grader approaching summer break. Like many parents, single or otherwise, having a safe environment for our children that focuses on the much-needed interaction and stimulation is important as we come into the endemic.

Obviously, the last few years have taken an unprecedented toll in many areas of our daily and overall lives. And we are all now learning how to cope with the aftermath of a pandemic and bracing for the possibilities of what is to come with the current events taking place in our world. For OUR children especially, this is not easy.

I volunteer daily at my daughter school during lunch/recess for all classes K-5 and the children are dealing with things like bullying, peer pressure, insecurities and so much more. But I also see that kids are disturbed by what is going on in the world. They are afraid and unsure just like us adults are. Just imagine how troubling it is for a child.

So, to give back to our community, I am creating a child and family center to provide an environment that will allow engagement on a personal level.


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